Sarah Newton (meme_machine) wrote,
Sarah Newton

Event Horizon: Novel Achieved

For almost twelve months now I've been burrowing away in my literary hole on "Consensus", the first Mindjammer novel.  Now at last it's approaching its end - but with agonizing, exponentially miniscule steps.  The event horizon of "mission accomplished" seems always suspended in space like a water drop inches before my face, but crane my neck as I might I can't seem to get my lips round it.

With metaphors thus suitably mangled, that means I'm nearly there - the Mindjammer novel is 99% complete, final polishings over the next week or so.  The past year since GenCon 2010 has been thoroughly mad.  Working full-time as a writer, line developer, and sometime (read: a lot of the time!) editor for Cubicle 7 has been totally brilliant - a great way to be involved in a million zillion achingly awesome projects and help some of them through to the light of day.  At the same time, I've been pounding away in my early morning writing sessions and at weekends on the manuscript for "Consensus", watching it grow from a myopically-blinking nine-stone weakling into the 125,000 word colossus it is today. It lurks in the corner of my room like a psychopathic guest, heavily armed and burbling mad visions from the depths of space, and generally upsetting unforewarned visitors to our humble middle-of-field Normandy shack.

Part of me is dreading finishing.  For twelve months I've lived, sweated, grunted, and sometimes died with Thaddeus Clay, Max Proffitt, Jackson Stark, Lyra Da Luz, and all the other cast of thousands of Consensus. They've become good, if slightly insane, friends, and it's been a profound experience to see them step off the pages of the Mindjammer RPG and become "real" people, with their own voices, hopes, fears, dreams... 

Right now I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that I'll be seeing them again - I'm planning to start work on a second novel this summer, sometime around GenCon, and re-visit the lives of those four heroes and all their fellows which I've just so thoroughly ruined in the first book.

I hope they'll talk to me... ;)

Sarah x

Tags: cubicle 7, mindjammer, rpg, writing
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