Sarah Newton (meme_machine) wrote,
Sarah Newton

Direct from GenCon 2011

So after a strenuous day of carpentry and ambience engineering (taking games out of boxes and putting them on shelves) yesterday, today marks the finish of the first full day of GenCon 2011. It's a *huge* con this year - a larger new exhibition hall, and a voyage of discovery for me of the Skywalks which cover more distance than our entire commune back in Normandy. The Cubicle Seven booth looks marvellous - packed with The One Ring first thing this morning, and heaps of enthusiastic fellow gamers queueing to partake in its bounty. It looks (and smells - c'mon, gamers, admit it!) awesome!

Tomorrow we should have Airship Pirates arriving for launch at 1pm, and Saturday the launch of Shadows Over Scotland, which I'm dying to see. There's been heaps of interest for both.

I've had time to scoot round the hall, meeting old friends and colleagues and new, and putting faces to names. Gameswise other than C7 titles, got my eye on Dust's Deadwood boardgame, which Will Be Mine, plus Fiasco, maybe Smallville, though it's still only day one!

Ran my first GenCon game today - Mindjammer 'Occam's Razor', which was great fun, especially with the players trashing the scenario midway through, necessitating a hasty regroup to rewrite! Ah, Fate!

Now chilling before day two tomorrow. Great to see everyone, can't wit to do it all again the morrow! And the ENnies!

Game on!


Tags: cubicle seven, rpg
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